l'abeille noire de porquerolles



“The ship has been burning for an hour now. 

We have battened down the hatches and all that is left is to wait and hope we reach land before the carefully constructed hull starts disintegrating. All our fragile cargo is surely lost. The rare seeds and plants that we so painstakingly sought out are certainly now engulfed by the flames. 

What hope could lie ahead for our crew set adrift on this vast sea? 
What hope for the earth which carelessly destroys precious life each day?
I fear this expedition has failed. The consequences immeasurable.”



L'abeille noire de porquerolles is a collaborative project which brought together the talents of Elinor Scarth and Etienne Haller and Hendzel and Hunt. The work originally commissioned by the Domaine du Rayol for the inaugural edition of the festival Land Art au Coeur des Mediteranees has subsequently been acquired by the Conseil général du Var and integrated as a permanent feature of the gardens providing the foundation for a new oriental mediterranean garden.

The project stages the special relationship between the plant collection at the Domaine du Rayol and its unique coastal location, protected by the French conservatoire du littoral. The use of a boat as the central object to the work focusses attention to both land - sea and culture-nature perspectives. The boat itself a human construct made from both found materials and the natural plant material of the gardens, which represent a diverse range of species originating from the Mediterranean climates of the world.