dnieper river grand park


At the scale of the city of Kiev, the river Dniper, its 2 200 hectares of islands formed within 28 kilometers of river along with the respective river banks forms a unique park. An ecological heart, this veritable green lung is a precious resource. In order to preserve this natural amenity and avoid the construction of additional infrastructure, the proposals recommend that future development is concentrated as a continuity of the existing city and its river banks, and should not be extend onto the islands. However the island at the centre of the city becomes a pivotal point, a mixed residential, service and commercial neighbourhood balancing the existing urbanisation of the two opposing banks of the river. The new urban quarter straddles this critical convergence and becomes the gateway to a national park;

The Dnipro Grand Park. The Grand Park pre-exists as a geographical entity in the landscape of the city. Devices must be established in order that the park is perceived, preserved and maintained as one entity. The task ahead is how to develop mechanisms for protecting this resource and educating the public with regard the discovery of the richness of the park, and how to enjoy and sustain it this exceptional asset.

Competition Proposal in collaboration with V-OLZ architects and Mar Armengol-Reyes landscape architect.